Black Atlass – The Black Dog

Black Atlass is the stage name of singer, songwriter and experimental producer Alex Fleming. 

Native to the city of Montreal, and now temporary resident in London, Ontario, Atlass brings the Old World charm of his home and infuses it with stark synth landscapes and enormously empty drums not only creating a name for himself, but also eradicating any notions of a specific genre.
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 Nym – Lesser Known Good

Born in Fairbanks, Alaska and raised on a farm on red Virginian soil, Nym blends folk, downtempo, hip hop, and film score music with images of dusty attics, Cat tails, warped VHS tapes and dimly lit saloons.

Nym is currently based in Hillsborough, North Carolina.

Nym mixes contemporary electronica and downtempo genres with ancient, sly and compelling traditional folk music with a focus on movement, imagery and fierce emotion.

His songs tell stories that span albums, oceans and continents.

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Lady Leshurr – Lukatar

Melesha O’Garro better known by her stage name Lady Leshurr, is a rapper, singer and producer from Birmingham, England. She is best known for her Queen’s Speech series of freestyles, the third of which went viral in 2015. Her subsequent freestyle, Queen’s Speech 4, was called “brilliant” and “2015’s crowning freestyle” by Spin.

Born to parents from the Caribbean Isle of St. Kitts, her first foray was into poetry and writing at age six but she decided that writing music would bring her to a wider audience, releasing her first mixtape at age fourteen. In her words:

I grew up around music. My mum used to play a lot of reggae like Sister Nancy and Bob Marley around the house so basically, when I was around six, I was messing about and doing my own little raps and songs. My family are all rappers and singers anyway so I was always involved in it from a young age.

— Lady Leshurr, 2011

Leshurr played one of the lead female roles in Vertigo Films’ 2009 critically acclaimed movie 1 Day.

She won second place in the Best Female category of the Official Mixtape Awards 2011. To complement the music releases, she has designed a range of merchandise, the “Friggin L” clothing line named after her 2011 mixtape Friggin L. In October 2011 Leshurr was described as “the one to watch” by Paul Lester of The Guardian.