Iseo & Dodosound – Digital Shoots


In 2014, the paths of Iseo & Dodosound crossed, with their distinctive musical influences a mix of new textures and sounds emerged, bringing a creative explosion of new and unknown musical horizons.

Their first autoproduced LP Cat Platoon (2015) experiments with the subtle balance of digital and analog elements. With this first album, their unique sound was cemented and well received by critics and audiences, which propelled them on a tour of major festivals across Europe and Spain.

Two years later, their sophisticated musical minimalism and Iseo’s distinctive voice have found in their new album, Roots in The Air (2017), a new platform to develop more mature ideas and messages without leaving their naturalness and proximity behind. After two years of evolution in their sound, this album is a clear musical leap, which remains loyal to their original spirit.

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Check it out for more details about their work and concerts. I personally believe that they are a fresh discovery of spanish produced music, far away from what we are used to hear here, which is mostly reggaeton and trap sounds…. not feeling it, to be honest. So I feel thankful for there are still people making actually good music who stay away from those standards! I hope you enjoy.


Night  Trains   – A Bad Trip


Night Trains were formed in 1987 by bassist, producer and DJ Hugh Brooker and along with Galliano became part of the first wave of acts to sign to Acid Jazz Records. Originally a sax and Hammond organ-led 5 piece, Blue Note inspired instrumental combo, the band first cut their teeth at Soho’s legendary Wag Club’s Monday night Acid Jazz sessions, along with DJs and label founders Eddie Piller and Giles Peterson. 

Giles Peterson and Baz Fe Jazz released Night Trains’ critically acclaimed debut album “Checkmate” on their B.G.P [Beat Goes Public] label in 1990. 

Returning to Acid Jazz Records in the early 90’s, the band released two new albums “Loaded” and “Sleazeball” along with several singles and EPs. “Sleazeball” featured the international club hit “Lovesick” a track for which the band are most recognised. At this point the band signed a US deal with Instinct Records in New York. Night Trains played live extensively across Europe and Japan to promote these records supporting and touring with artists as diverse as Fatboy Slim, Jamiroquai, Gil Scott Heron and Afrika Bambaataa.



Hardkandy – Big Sand


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